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Wangdue town must shift says the dzongkhag authority

Nov 30, 2010

Business people in Wangdue town are in a dilemma. They will have to shift to the new Bajo town by December 31 but most of the houses in the new town are under construction and far from complete.

With the deadline drawing closer, the dzongkhag authority met with the residents yesterday. The business people asked for an extension citing numerous problems which according to them delayed the construction. The dzongkhag authority however remained adamant that the business people shift to the new Bajo town within the given deadline.

The Wangdue dzongda Lhundrup Wangchuk said the old town is not safe. Citing the fire in Bumthag Chamkhar town as an example, he said ‘in the event of a fire, there is nothing we can do to prevent the whole town from being razed to ashes.’

The old town is known for the fierce wind which blows through it almost throughout the year. Most of the houses are built of timber and mud and rather temporary in nature. There is also no room for expansion, located as it is on a wide crook on the Thimphu Tashigang highway.

The business people agreed that they would be better off in Bajo. All they are asking for is a time extension. They cited numerous reasons why they could not complete the houses in time. Passang, a resident of the old town said ‘with the construction cost escalating, it was difficult to carry out things as planned.’

Another resident, Tsagay, cited labour as the reason for the delay. ‘Since we have to get the labourers from outside, the construction was delayed’ he said.

The authorities had allocated 131 plots, for constructing as many houses. So far only about 30 houses have been completed. Many are in different stages of construction. Some have yet to begin.

As Chador Pem, a business woman, said ‘it would be chaotic for the whole town to shift in the 30 houses that have been completed.’

The municipal office said people were given ample time and that the plots of land were allocated three years ago.

Those who fail to shift from the old town risk having their water supply cut off. They will also not be allowed to run their businesses in the old town.

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