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Three chortens vandalised in Pemagatshel

Dec 31, 2012

ChortensVandalised-pgatshelThree chortens were vandalised in Shali and Gamung villages of Shumer gewog under Pemagatshel last night. All the Nangtens of two, nine feet tall, chortens in Gamung and a 15 feet chorten in Shali, have been taken.

According to the police, the incident takes the total number of chorten vandalism to 10 in Pemagatshel, this year alone. The police said they are investigating the case.

4 Comments for “Three chortens vandalised in Pemagatshel”

  1. shita

    these are peoples who are born as a human being but they are not counted as one…..being a buddhist country we should preserve these treasures which were in our country for generations but sadly it is being stolen by peoples who dont have respect and who are not fit to be in our country…if caught ,tthese peoples shud be punished severly n cancel der own identification and chased out frm bhutan…..

  2. Ugyen Dorji

    It is disheartening to read such news. Be it a national or a non-national who are involved in vandalism of these three precious chorten must not go unpunished. I think people involved in such heinous crime deserve death sentence straight away so that it does not occur again. A lesson should be taught to all those who are involved in such dreadful crimes. Of course Bhutan being a buddhist country is not allowed to do harm to other living sentiments. However, if that living sentiment is harmful, dangerous and naughty to the society, then these living sentiments does not deserve any sympathy and kindness.

  3. Tshering

    it is indeed sad to hear such story. They should be severely punished.

  4. Dorji

    It is sad news to hear these things happening in our country. Although i m in abroad i am very much concern about these cases.i think is very inhuman act and they must be imprisoned for life time. If it still continuous then how many more chortens will be left.please preserve those monuments.

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