Pavan K.Varma bids farewell to Bhutan

Pavan K. Varma
Pavan K. Varma

Unforgettable Bhutan and Bhutanese affairs will live with me,” said the out-going Ambassador of India to Bhutan, Pavan K.Varma. He will have served as the Indian Ambassador to Bhutan for three and a half years.

In his farewell talk hosted by Centre for Bhutan Studies at the Convention Hall in Thimphu this evening, the Indian Ambassador said his journey and experience in Bhutan will remain forever etched in his heart.

He said the memories and times spent in Bhutan were the best thing that happened to him.

[pullquote]I will not miss Bhutan because Bhutan will not leave me. Bhutan will sleep with me. It will be with me at my waking hours. Bhutan is a kind of experience that you live with…”[/pullquote]

He also said during his time in Bhutan, he has seen personal growth. He won a prestigious award, wrote four books, two of his children got married. “I am a proud grandfather now.”

Besides, the Ambassador said he is happy to see Bhutan-India relationship developing stronger. He said Bhutan should continue to grow as a nation exemplary for its zeal and growth.

He also spoke on how nation is above constituents, how institutions are above individuals and that democracy should optimise governance.

After decades of serving the Indian Foreign Service, Pavan K.Varma has resigned to pursue politics.

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