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Pavan K.Varma bids farewell to Bhutan

Dec 24, 2012
Pavan K. Varma

Pavan K. Varma

Unforgettable Bhutan and Bhutanese affairs will live with me,” said the out-going Ambassador of India to Bhutan, Pavan K.Varma. He will have served as the Indian Ambassador to Bhutan for three and a half years.

In his farewell talk hosted by Centre for Bhutan Studies at the Convention Hall in Thimphu this evening, the Indian Ambassador said his journey and experience in Bhutan will remain forever etched in his heart.

He said the memories and times spent in Bhutan were the best thing that happened to him.

[pullquote]I will not miss Bhutan because Bhutan will not leave me. Bhutan will sleep with me. It will be with me at my waking hours. Bhutan is a kind of experience that you live with…”[/pullquote]

He also said during his time in Bhutan, he has seen personal growth. He won a prestigious award, wrote four books, two of his children got married. “I am a proud grandfather now.”

Besides, the Ambassador said he is happy to see Bhutan-India relationship developing stronger. He said Bhutan should continue to grow as a nation exemplary for its zeal and growth.

He also spoke on how nation is above constituents, how institutions are above individuals and that democracy should optimise governance.

After decades of serving the Indian Foreign Service, Pavan K.Varma has resigned to pursue politics.

6 Comments for “Pavan K.Varma bids farewell to Bhutan”

  1. Get No Happiness

    This is the kind of respect, attitude, sincerity we want to see from outside world. I wish u all the best in politics n pray that u become the next chief minister or prime minister or president of India. We will all miss u. Thank you for ur kind love.

  2. Kota

    I still remember your profound speech during your visit at Sherubtse college.
    We pray for you success in future for what ever you have plan on your hand.

  3. Jik

    We thank you for your contribution to Bhutan.
    safe journey
    We pray for you success in future


    all the best sir

  5. ata brokpa


    Just as the 1st Prime Minster, Nehru, you will convey to your countryfolks that there is a country in the North of India called Bhutan where people are happy with happiness and live in peace. I hope, your Excellency will write in memories, a book that Bhutan exist as a nation with pride. Please tell that Bhutan has its own flag; own currency; own language; people with beautiful heart always worried that glacial lake as result of global warming would be a problem to their friends in plains of India. Give our regards to the friends in that my country exist as a buffer zone and they need not worry about the Chinese flu. Cheers, long live Indo-Bhutan friendship.

  6. Eastern Jewels

    i would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for having shared your personal opinion frankly with the Bhutanese audiences. I was impressed by your oratorical talk ,that was touching every Bhutanese. thanks for reflecting on Environment and rural -urban migration. We hope our leaders took note of it. Thank you ,your excellency for loving our tiny Kingdom. We look forward working with Indo-Bhutan friendship till our mother earth get collapse . We love India too.
    we will always remember your valuable contributions. Safe journey to your family.

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