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Damphu town’s mounting waste crisis

Dec 21, 2012

WasteMgtDamphuDamphu town in Tsirang is grappling with waste management crisis. Mound of garbage choking every drainage system in the town clearly indicates the gravity of the situation and the need to implement waste regulation.

The District Thromde intends to implement waste regulation by February 2013.

The Damphu Municipal’s Executive Engineer, Tashi Chophel, said there wouldn’t have been such a mounting pressure on the municipal to strictly implement the regulation had the residents taken up the responsibility of segregating waste.


Most people lack civic sense. If they manage, segregate and take care of their own waste than I think we can prevent it…,”

Tashi Chophel
Executive Engineer,
Damphu Municipal


“Most people lack civic sense. If they manage, segregate and take care of their own waste than I think we can prevent it…,” said Tashi Chophel.

Every morning, each household in Damphu town dump at least two buckets of waste and without any segregation. The waste is then taken to Bulkey landfill which is about 17 kilometers away from the town.

The Damphu Municipal collects three tons of waste in three days a week.

“In most of our awareness campaign we always say that waste is not waste but money. But many people here think it’s an odd job. So they are not forth coming in such activities,” said the waste-in-charge of Damphu Municipal, Chador Wangmo.




8 Comments for “Damphu town’s mounting waste crisis”

  1. Is it really February 2012? Its long gone…. I guess its February 2013……

  2. Kool Bahadur

    Yes, it is very true that the general public and shopkeepers lack civic sense. They litter their wastes everywhere even in and around the holy sites of Guru’s Statues and Mandhir. During Haat Bazaar Days, all the public are seen urinating and smoking at this holy sites near Damphu Town Mandhir. Public are becoming naughty and dirty. No individual responsibility and they ignore the common welfare of all of us living in the surroundings.

    Do we need something stricter actions to be implemented???

  3. Gurung Gurung

    Blame game doesn’t bring any improvement in anything if a shared responsibility with accountability aren’t taken by both the accountable authority and the shopkeepers and individual residents of the Damphu Town. Like Kool Bahadur said above, there is a horrible urine smell in the surroundings of our Mandhir and Guru Statue of Damphu Town. All the public are seen openly urinating there and smoking behind the very back of Guru Statue and Mandhir.

    If responsible authority do not take any accountable action, is very sad that we will see more dirty things happening in this holy sites where a place actually deserves respect from all of us.

  4. Negligenter

    We must fix responsibility and accountibility to all shopkeepers and also to concerned officials. Needs monitoring and time to time inspection and fine for defaulters. Otherwise, no change is being expected.

  5. Subhala

    Our Waste Inspectors and Town Incharges are working hard to maintain our town’s cleaniness. But it is only the Shopkeepers that they are ignoring and not listening to maintain their own surroundings.

    Something needs to be done from authority concerned.

  6. Takokpa

    We also see the dumping of wastes under the electric poles of street lights by the shopkeepers nearby Ashee Building. Shopkeepers living nearby are accountable.

  7. Migtoo

    We have seen that we have talked toooooo much, but no actions. Thats why problems remains a problem and is becoming chronical.

  8. Yam Bdr.

    In other places, we have seen that the Bazaar Mandhirs are full of scents of incence and flowers of flower gardens. But it is disgusting to hear that our Bazaar Mandhir sorroundings is being used as public toilets in Damphu Town. What a sad story to know.

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