Four individuals conferred Bura Maap

HisMajesty+BuraMaapHis Majesty the King conferred Red Scarves (Bura Maap) to four individuals today. They are Punatsangchhu Hydropower Project Authority’s (PHPA) Joint Managing Director, Phuntso Norbu, the Director General of Department Hydropower and Power System, Yeshi Wangdi, the Deputy Chairperson of National Council, Dr. Sonam Kinga and the National Council’s Eminent Person, Karma Yezer Raydi.

Dasho Phuntso Norbu
Dasho Phuntso Norbu

Dasho Phuntso Norbu, 53, is from Monggar. He started his career as an assistant geologist with the Department of Geology and Mines in 1984. Prior to his current appointment, he served as the Deputy Managing Director of Tala hydroelectric project.

Dasho Yeshi Wangdi
Dasho Yeshi Wangdi

Dasho Yeshi Wangdi, 54, is also from Monggar. He has a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering. He joined civil service in 1984. He served in various capacities in Department of Hydropower and Power System.


Dasho Karma Yezer Radyi
Dasho Karma Yezer Raydi

Dasho Karma Yezer Raydi, 46, is from Trashiyantse. He joined civil service in 1989. He has a Master’s Degree in Geo-technical Engineering from Japan. He is currently serving as the His Majesty’s Nominee in the National Council.


Dasho Sonam Kinga
Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga

Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga, 39, is from Trashigang. He is currently serving as the Deputy Chairperson of the National Council. Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga has Ph.D in the Area Studies from Kyoto University in Japan. He joined civil service as a curriculum and publication officer with the Ministry of Education in 1998.

Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga has also authored Polity, Kingship and Democracy: a biography of Bhutanese state, among other.



Significance of Bura Maap

Bura Maap or Red Scarf bears immense significance. It comes from the golden throne in recognition of an individual’s outstanding service to the nation. With it comes the title of Dasho and it is one of highest honours a Bhutanese civilian can receive.


These red scarf awards are being granted, not for years of service rendered, but for dedicated and fruitful service they will offer to the People and Nation in the years to come. They are young, and that is the reasons why i have placed my faith and trust in them for the future.”

His Majesty the King


Dasho Pema Wangchuk, 73, is the oldest serving civil servant with Red Scarf. He was conferred red scarf in 1972 by His Majesty the Third King.

Dasho Pema Wangchuk served as the Director of Agriculture Department. He started his career as an Assistant Transport Officer in 1962. Later, Dasho served in various capacities in the then Department of Agriculture and Survey. Currently, he is the Secretary of International Boundary.

“Red Scarf is very important. Red scarf with the title Dasho continues throughout the life. In those days, even the Lyonpos were called Dasho Tshilyoen, Dasho Kidulyon,” said Dasho.

Dasho Sangay Wangchug, a member of the Privy Council, said Bura Maap tradition is more than an honour or recognition. “It is an integral part of Bhutanese culture.” Dasho Sangay Wangchug received Bura Maap from His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo in 1998.

Other recipients of National awards

HM+National-awardsDruk Phuensum Tshogpa, People’s Democratic Party, the National Council and the Royal Audit Authority were awarded Druk Thuksey as Institutional award. They were awarded for starting the laying of foundations for the two houses of Parliament and the many achievements of the past four and a half years.His-Majesty-Goop-Gado-+-Goop-Sonam-Wangchuk

The Indian Ambassador to Bhutan, Pavan K. Varma, former Indian Ambassadors to Bhutan, Dalip Mehta and Salman Haider, and PHPA’s Managing Director R.N. Khazanchi were awarded Druk Thuksey for their efforts towards socio-economic growth.

The Consul General of Bhutan to Kolkata, Dasho Tshering Wangda, Vice-president of BIFA (Gelephu), Gyeltshen Dukpa and Punatsangchhu Hydroelectric Project Authority’s V.K Chouvey were awarded National Order of Merit (gold) for strengthening Bhutan-India relationship.

Goop Gado and Goop Sonam Wangchuk were honoured with Druk Thuksey for life-time service to the throne.

The National Order of Merit (Gold) was also awarded to 112 teachers and Fritz Maurer for their exemplary service in education.


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