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Student of Gaeddu College tops BCSE

Nov 30, 2012

Rada Wangmo from Gaeddu College of Business Studies topped this year’s Bhutan Civil Services Examination in the General Category. She scored 68.33 percent. She completed her four years Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance.

With 67.71 percent, Tshering Wangdi, came in second position. He is a graduate from Sherubtse College and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in English with environmental studies.

Tashi Tshomo stood third with 67.66 percent. She is also a graduate from Sherubtse College and has Bachelor’s Degree in English with Environmental Studies.

A close to 1,000 University graduates sat for the Bhutan Civil services examination this year.

7 Comments for “Student of Gaeddu College tops BCSE”

  1. tashi

    This is bullshit news. How come those that scored 73.94% is not the 1st and instead the one with 68.33% is announced as 1st. Can you crosscheck and announce again. Or are there any hidden agenda in this also. Funny… funny…

  2. cock

    bbs why not other category topper like technical, on the media coz we find technical graduate more inmportant than general category. plez try to cover over all news. request to media house. all the time we can see only general category. or you find that is the most important

  3. rinchen

    we can’t really understand the logic behind this………
    why always toppers from general category……. is it dependent on number of slots or number of graduates who sat for it ? ….. or any other things……… ??????????/

    This makes no sense to declare the topper from only general category. What about technical categories?

    Please look into it and convey correct and accurate information to readers………

  4. Sonam

    Congratulations you have risen up to the occasion and marked your name In the history of GCBS, KEEp up the good work>>> wishes… frm srilanka..:D

  5. don

    close to 1000 graduates it seems,,,, seems to the viewer that there is only 1 topper out of all those 1000 candidates,,,,,, she is topper in just 1 of the categories of graduates,,,, there are seperate toppers for many different categories under technical graduates such as medical, veterinary, dzongkha, education, law, engineer, and many more,,,, so why glorify just 1 person,,, where does the other toppers go ( infact with greater percentage points) its a biased and unfair report

  6. The media is totally doing the wrong job…there are 1000’s of graduate appearing for RCSC and there are many catagories,there are people with higher % than her and why the media ignores those and always broadcast abt general catagory….every1 appeared RCSC onli and they should announce the result as per catagory…dat would be da better….

  7. Sorry, that is your personal comments. Technical students are not important at all to the country. You know? Technical category check their subject knowledge while, the general category prove their best for overall eligibility……..think it more. Even the general category students can do your exam. lastly, don’t expect it future also and we are sorry to say that your comment is bullshit.

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