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Indian Government commits Nu.20 billion to Bhutan

Nov 26, 2012

The Government of India (GoI) has committed a total Nu.20 billion for Bhutan’s 10th Five Year Plan under the GoI’s project tied assistance. Of Nu.20 billion over Nu. 15 billion has been disbursed.

The figure was revealed at the fourth project monitoring committee meeting on GoI’s project tied assistance to Bhutan. The meeting was held in Thimphu today.

The committee reviewed the progress of the project under the GoI project tied assistance.

They also discussed issues causing delay in the implementation of the projects.

GNH Commission’s Secretary, Karma Tshiteem, said the major projects will be completed on time. However, he pointed out that delay in the release of fund and cost escalation is hampering timely implementation of the projects.

The head of the GoI delegation, Puneet R Kundal assured that efforts will be made to make sure the release of fund do not affect the progress of projects.

“We are impressed looking at the progress of the projects. However I think there are some problem related to cost escalation and in delay of releasing fund,” said Puneet R Kundal. He said they will look into it

GoI project tied assistance in the 10th Five year plan includes projects under various ministries and agencies. The areas of assistance include roads, energy, livestock, agriculture, culture and judiciary.

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  1. Lekshed Pelzang

    We the people of Bhutan wholeheartedely thank the Indian Government for such a Generous Assistance. May Indo-Bhutan friendship be blessed by the Almighty and get everlasting peace and security.


    That is so kind of Indian government to come to the rescue of Bhutan. They really helped us in times of our need and they proved to be a real friend of Bhutan. We salute the Indian Government for their initiatives and we are blessed to have you as our neighbor.
    But at the same time, its high time, we the Bhutanese citizens as a whole should take up a responsibility to save our country from this great depression. How long are we going to depend on other countries?… Just how long…..? how long we will keep on borrowing from other countries and how long are we going to get assistance and grants from other countries. Its really high time, we the Bhutanese as a citizens should act and as the present youths of Bhutan are the nation builder of tomorrow, its high time that we as a youth should do something now. At least we need to try something new and we need to start it.
    If the Citizens collectively contribute something, as a saying goes … a drop of water fills up ocean… i think we can save our country’s economic and social problem. you just need to follow our vision and our plans of setting up a Citizen’s company which will have lots of subsidiary companies under it , so that we can realize our self sufficiency and economic independence within 10 years from now.
    Just go to this link on BBS on Unemployment problem and see my comments(Chencho Dorji)

    comment on it and lets save our nation collectively

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