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Youth unemployment at 7.2 percent

Nov 27, 2012

Youth unemployment rate in the country stands at 7.2 percent. The Economic Affairs Minister, Khandu Wangchuk, said the unemployment rate in the country is not as high compared to other countries.

The national unemployment rate stands at 2.1 percent

The Minister said it would be challenging for the government to maintain the same rate. He added unemployment is a national concern and it is important for the government to focus on employment generation.

He was speaking at the first ever national employment forum which was held in the capital today.

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The forum brought together the stakeholders involved in national employment including the ministries, service industries and private sectors.

The discussions in the forum are expected to help the policy makers, planners and the employers to find a solution to the emerging youth unemployment issue.


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  1. Get No Happiness

    US unemployment rate is 7.9% as of oct, 2012…

  2. Tshering Pem

    Some latest figures of the unemployment rate, la

    Thailand 0.56
    South Korea 2.8
    India 3.8
    Japan 4.2
    Bangladesh 4.5
    Australia 5.4
    UK 7.8
    USA 7.9
    South Africa 25.5
    Nepal 46

    These figures excludes both seasonal and cyclical unemployment, la…

  3. Lakeman

    More needs to be done. Cannot just compare with other countries & stay passive. For a population small as ours this is alarming. Time 2 m make good long term strategies, remove bureacractic processes in small business, make easy loans available, licensing easy, subsidised trng etc. Time to move n tk care of this prob right now.

  4. sonam

    It is not about the colour of jobs. It all matters with those blue, orange, red, green, etc coloured scarfs. It is a high time that the country should focus on reducing the bureaucratic and hierarchy system in the country. Any kind of jobs should be respected and rewarded in the society. I hate seeing those colourful scarfs ordering from the chairs and bureaucratic procedures in any kind of organizations. Please do not create boundaries in human life, after all we are living in a Buddhist country, where we shouldn’t have such discrimination. If this is practiced well, I think that our youth are ready to take up any kind of jobs.

  5. Pema

    7.2% may not be a BIG number as of now for the country, but it will double before it is not taken care of, even our own job seekers should be flexible with what job is offered, it is the experience they will gain, and get to learn.

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