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Third IED explodes in Gelephu

Nov 22, 2012

Another Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded last night near the RNR RDC centre in Samtenling Gewog (formerly known as Bhur) in Sarpang. Samtenling Gewog is about eight kilometres away from Gelephu.

This is the third such explosion within two months.

The IED was planted, five hundred metres below the Gelephu-Sarpang Highway in a gully. It exploded at 10:15 p.m.

There was no casualty or damage caused to property.

Police said the mode of operation is similar to the previous explosions. The people behind the blast left a pamphlet of the Bhutan United Socialist Democratic Party, which is based in the camps in Nepal.



12 Comments for “Third IED explodes in Gelephu”

  1. how we shall stop such incidents again and again…………….

  2. doeraj

    police should shoot whenever possible coz they are threatening and indirectly jeopardizing nepalese ethnic’s lives. Please capture and decapitate them, and if possible let us have our own share to satisfy our wrath for these people.

  3. soyang

    its humilitaing………… and dont those bloody people realise that bhutan belongs to just the bhutanese……they should not be let out of hands easily…….trying to scare us in our land….needs to be dealt seriously.

  4. f.r.leavis

    oh, such a coward acts. our thimphu gangs are far better than those secretive, hiding acts. come forward…

  5. choki

    BBS.bt can we have some information what our ruling government is doing regarding it. Otherwise it is shitty news.

  6. doeraj

    strike first and ask questions later

  7. we just hope government will come up with something and close down this border problem soon, feels sad for ppl who lives in Sarpang n Gelephu, who have to live with fear everyday ….

  8. how jemiling police camp is helping the near by villages…like wise army camp should be shifted along border side…i accept wat phuntsho said..

  9. Its really disheartening to hear these stories. Is our ruling party doing anything on the issue. Before it escalates, it should give no way further to disturb our peace and harmony of our land.

  10. sonam

    Guys, ruling party cannot do anything on this. At the most they make it as a hot issue in the country. However they don’t have authority towards the control of arm force. They are handicapped.

  11. chezang

    This is keeping fear in minds of people in Gelephu-Sarpang area ignited constantly. The necessary and prompt action is mandatory. Why this mishaps repeat in that areas. Please do something or it would be too late when we open ourselves seriously at last moment. Sooner the better……..

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