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No news on missing Gomchen

Nov 21, 2012

Today is the fifth day since 60-years-old Gomchen from Gakidling Gewog in Sarpang was abducted and yet there is no news on his whereabouts.

The son of the victim said his father’s mobile phone is switched off. He said unless they hear anything from his father there is nothing much they can do.

Meanwhile, the wife of the victim who was assaulted while trying to fight the armed men is still in the hospital.

The incident took place on the evening of November 16. The victim and his wife were at their neighbour’s place at that time when a group of men forcefully entered the house and took Gomchen away.

This is the second abduction case in Sarpang within a month.


8 Comments for “No news on missing Gomchen”

  1. what action had taken by the RPB, MoHCA and the government? as per the PM statement in the kuensel issue dated 20.11.2012 in headline ACC Issues suspension orders ” The home minister has the responsibility to look after the country’s law and order and security, like the recent kidnapping issues.” he had done nothing and led to another kidnapped.

    living in south had become insecure…….

  2. choki

    can BBS collect news from our home ministry and foreign ministry. We know this happened and please lea5rn to update. Else close down BBS.bt

  3. tharpa

    what is govt. doing? As PM mentioned minister for home as got duty to deal with such cases, tell us what you are doing? PM save the common men as you save/protect your ministers so called ” not ordinary men” quote from PM speech

  4. i really wanted to hear what are the action taken by government…………………………. please BBS let the public know what are the action taken by government. staying at southern parts becomes very danger day by day…………………….

  5. home minister itself is under insecurity. what will he do to the people. better we bhutanese should think and raise our voice and ring their ear bell. but nothing is going to happen by talking lot without any one working for it.

  6. We cannot blam 2 our Government beacuse our Government is doing lot 4 us….but problem is that our Government should know what is going around… doing mistake by one & blaming 2 other cannot be possible…….actully thing around is carried out by ULFA & BODO Peronnel….becaus they lost many friends during last war……..Government dont know they have the booklet about bhutan………..stating that one fine day …the team will be back to bhutan………If u hapen 2 visit Assam u may get this book ……..or if u really need cont Provin at N.k Daranga previous ULFA personnel or Mazim previous commonder…………they come 2 S/jongkhar ofcourse they are surrender personnel……

  7. Nagla Dorjee

    Resettled people in bordering areas are facing many problems like : Crops being damaged by wild elephants/animals and such like above incidents plus frequent robbery cases of houses and domestic animals being taken away.

  8. Kharka Thimphu

    Its a high time to tighten the security specially in southern border (Sarpang, s/jongkhar, samtse etc…..)
    Regarding Gomchen,yet there is no news….we are in shock till now….and we are eager to receive him in a good health as before…..

    And specially DPT n govt hasright time to show their leadership as next elcetion is coming up la….We are really concern what will happen in future speciall to the border areas,if we dont tighten the security…

    So lets pray and hope for the best day ahead…

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