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Opposition Leader's remarks unpatriotic and disloyal: PM

Nov 8, 2012

The Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley refuted to the remarks made by the Opposition Leader on the government’s bid to secure a non-permanent seat in UN Security Council, by calling it, “unpatriotic and disloyal”.

Earlier, the leader of opposition party, Tshering Tobgay, had gone on record saying the bid was “ill conceived and misguided” and would have exposed the country to more harm than good.

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6 Comments for “Opposition Leader's remarks unpatriotic and disloyal: PM”

  1. khotsa

    Wat PM says is exactly right. OL instead of helping PM , he just remain criticizing the Government. We people had also discussed on the matter right after OL had given such messages. We trust both PM and OL but when OL gives such messages, where our trust to OL will go?

  2. Stevo

    While I am supporter of PM, I think he is going down very slippery slope by accusing the opposition leader being unpatriotic and disloyal. Opposition leader has every right question the decision and voice his opinion on the matter. In fact it is his responsibility as an elected member to to question decisions and voice his concern. Accusing him of being unpatriotic and disloyal for doing that is taking the easy way out. There is nothing to prevent the PM from making that kind of accusation every time some one disagrees with him. If the PM truly believes that applying for security council membership was the right thing to do, he should have no problem rebutting the opposition leaders statement on a point by point

  3. PM wanted show that Bhutan can give something to the world but if Bhutan is giver than I am afraid there won’t be countries willing to gives us aids. Therefore, at this moment it is better that we do not show to the world that we can do better than most of the other countries in the world. We still need lot of help from other countries so PM do not be so showy.

  4. John

    Wow,,,, How can PM say that OL has not knowledge of foreign policy, and no experience in foreign diplomacy, very unmindful, lacking knowledge and concern? Of course being an opposition leader means to oppose some of the decisions made by the ruling party. And PM, if you are really educated, I don’t think you would speak such words for other people. You are tying to say that you have more experience, more knowledge, and more capable. I think this is just an arrogant comments from you PM.

  5. dorji

    Then who is really royal and patriotic leader at this time for the country? i mean with pure motivation for the sake of country and the people’s welfare without self interest.

  6. Lhakpa Phurpa

    Our PM should learn a democratic culture. In his almost five years term as democratic prime minister of the country I have never seen him acting as democratic and elected leader of the nation. If the opposition leader is Unpatriotic and Disloyal, then the Ruling Government leader (PM) is despotic and irresponsible. In democracy PM can not roar but be humble to the people and take any criticisms of the people or opposition as positive democratic values. He can not afford to be cynical and despotic but be humble to the call of the nation. Call of the nation would be either in the form of positive/negative criticism or in the form of protests and disgruntles

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