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His Majesty commends Desuups

Oct 30, 2012

His Majesty the King granted audience to the fifth batch of Desuups at the Military Training Centre in Tencholing, Wangduephodrang yesterday. Addressing the Desuups, His Majesty commended the services rendered by them and their unprecedented enthusiasm. The Desuups are currently undergoing the month long programme.

His Majesty said it clearly spoke about their strong sense of responsibility. “You could be making good money out there, working, finding job, and spending time with family. If you have money you could be spending it going for parties, dating and you could be having lot of fun and weather is fantastic. But instead you chose to be here. That says so much, not about you but all of us and about future,” said His Majesty to the 116 Desuups.

His Majesty advised the gathering to be patient. “Do not make mistake by rushing things.” His Majesty told them: “Wisely, know what you want and go for it and give it your best.”

The 5th Desuung training programme began on the 3rd this month and will end Saturday. There are 86 men and 30 women.

The Desuung integrated training programme was started in 2010. So far, 584 volunteers have undergone the training programme.

The programme saw volunteers from all walks of life; old and young and from different professional background including Drangpoens, Dungtshos, teachers, medical professionals, engineers, private entrepreneurs and university graduates.

Meanwhile, His Majesty also granted audience to 123 Royal Bhutan Army personnel who helped in the last phase of the project to lower the level of Thorthomi Lake in Lunana.

The RBA rendered assistance following request from the government to supplement manpower shortage.

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