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Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party submits application for registration

Oct 30, 2012

Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party submitted its application for registration with the Election Commission of Bhutan today. It is the first party-in-making to register with ECB. The Party made its intention to contest in the next elections public earlier in June.

Interim Party President, Sonam Tobgay, submitted the registration application this morning. The application package includes a copy of party charter among many other documents.

Submission of the application is the first step of the registration process. The ECB will now review the application before declaring it a political party. The review process will be guided by Chapter 8 of Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, which mandates political parties to fulfill certain standards.

Meanwhile, the other emerging political parties have missed the October end registration. In earlier interviews with BBS, they said they would register by the end of this month.

Druk Chirwang Tshogpa said they are in the final phase of translating party charter from English to Dzongkha and hope to register on the 2nd of November.

While, Druk NyamrupTshogpa said the election date is not clear and that knowing the date is key to their registration.

But ECB says the election date would likely be confirmed only towards end of this year.

3 Comments for “Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party submits application for registration”

  1. dorji

    Why not “Druk Kuenngyam Tshogpa” rather than Bhutan Kuennyam Party ? “Druk” is far more sweeter than ‘Bhutan’ . and “party” is completely foreign word or language. If you want to be a leader, be a good leader and lead purely without ignoring tradition , national language and culture. At the same time, “party” is isolated word, it also means one is not going to listen another one, most worst meaning of ‘party’ means merry, dance, lavishing world, which means you are not going to have any resposibility for others. its a bad impression word. Its a corrupted word.

  2. pema

    What is in name? Why are some fussy about name?? If that is the case, lets not even say DPT or PDP. These are all english abbrv. The word Bhutan and Druk are not synonymous in my understanding. They dont translate same. Druk can be dragon. Unless you say Drukgyelkhab it really doesnt sound like Bhutan to me. And this really doesnt discount the tradition at all. Lets not be narrow minded. come on.

    To me what is important is their menefesto. If you are to serve others based on compassion and selflessness and you are genuine then nothing matters. The party emphasizes on these serving with this qualities. Look at the politicians today. All of them have enlarged their pocket instead. Everybody is driving prados, patangs, huge allowances which if you combine can built long paved roads and bridges. This party is one that has dared to cut their benefits to half. Ask any other party if they can dare say that….I havent heard any other party dare to say this. We dont want arrogant MPs. If one is not arrogant, he/she will be willing to drive smaller car, have lesser benefits because their genuine intentions are to serve the country and not themselves. Anyway, you have your intelligence, so please use that and see who will benefit the country more rather than siding people you know. Lhagyelo.

  3. jokes

    Pema, I agree with you….if prados n patangs were not there den for sure more paved roads and bridges would have been constructed. they have really enlarged their pockets. nw let us give chance to other poor people also to fill their pocket mena?
    Y only the rich get richer…let us also drag the poor people too to have equity…..

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