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Oct 30, 2012

Normally when a person grows old, the only desire would be to age with dignity and grace. But for a 76-year-old man in Gelephu that has not been the case. For the last two years he has been put-up in a temporary shed made of CGI sheets by his daughter and son in law. Hailing from Punakha, he nad come to Gelephu to live with his daughter about four years back.

His son-in-law said they had to cage him because he used to stray away the moment he is free. “We had to do this because we did not have any choice. When I am at home I change his clothes and bathe him,” said Tshering Dhendup.

The daughter and her family live in a one-storey concrete house close by.  BBS tried to interview him but his speech was hardly understandable. His daughter said he was once taken to the hospital, while they were in Punakha. Since the doctor said he did not suffer from any disease they did not take him to the hospital after reaching Gelephu. However, they suspect he is suffering from some sort of mental illness.

She said she has three brothers, but none of them would come to meet or enquire about him.

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  1. anaatakota

    it is really heart aching to read such article, what kind of daughter and son-in law are they, having such a stone and monsters heart leaving own parents deserted when its time to care like a child at this age. Are they really Buddhist, concerned authority should take high degree of action to his daughter and son in law as it is a indirect way of manslaughter.

    I think this 76 old senior citizen is sick because of limited care and love for him or other could be he must have been locked up all the time in the room by his daughter and son in law , when he was with them.

    How you are unto your parents today would be reciprocated by your own children in the later times.

    So daughter, son law and Children of this senior citizen you just wait and be prepared to endure same situation in your future.

    Plz have some mercy who are in and around vicinity…

  2. dear readers,
    this is, the kind of generation we encounter in a Buddhist country where even animals are believed to be our parents…what is happening now? how could we let dignity over rule the fact of reality? how can we be so rude and inhuman when it comes to treating our parents in their old age? we believe and we are all taught that when one attains the old age, we tend to go back to childhood stage? How can we forget such phrases…….if there is at all a fact in the cited story of this old citizen, of this country, then we may need to track down the unworthy sons and i should point out that the daughter is also not worthy of being called a daughter. caging a father when he acts differently is totally a thought of negligence, had she taken the responsibility of treating him in a hospital where facilities are free in Bhutan…she could have been entitled the title ” a Daughter”
    giving three meals a day and a roof above for shelter is not the soul responsibility one has in looking after ones parents, but keeping them happy at all times is what matters….cannot write further… its painful to think off…. some wish to have parents…. some find means to do them away…an ungrateful world of fools….

  3. Shay

    What is this world coming to..? If you can’t serve your parents , you have no right to live. This very unfair they should sue the siblings and for neglecting. They should all donate an amount to send him to a mental system.

  4. Phuntsho Tshering

    Drinchen Phama.. Kutshay Ringwar sho…

    Whether the brothers come to meet or not.. Father is father…
    May God bless him!!!

  5. Rinzin Dor G

    yes that i strongly agree as he was like in human and he did not receive any happiness due to his son in law and his friend .It may be true that he had receive numerous cares and guidance during his child life and he is responsible for his good being in return .Yes the concerned authority shall take action seriously on such mishaps and walk around the country there may people which are unaware or unobserved by the government ,i as being a human i think they should be given full support since they are our ancestor.

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