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Jarey gets farm road

Oct 27, 2012

People of Jaray Gewog in Lhuentse are all in smiles. And they have a reason to be. The construction of a Gewog Centre road has been completed this month. It was inaugurated on Thursday.

And with a road, villagers are now planning to cultivate cash crops and set up shops to boost their income.

Jaray is one of the remote Gewogs in Lhuentse. Not much development has taken place in the Gewog due to absence of a road network. But things will now change for the better.

A 36-kilometre Gewog Centre road was constructed from Gorgan to the Centre of Jarey.

More than 200 households will be benefitted

Addressing the gathering Lhuentse Drangrab said people and government should work together in maintaining the road.

Jaray Gup said the road would benefit them especially in times of sickness and in emergency. It is also expected to reduce poverty in the area.

“In absence of a road, we face problem especially when there is a sick people. The nearest motor-able road is at Autsho which is about 4 to 5 hours walk. We even lost some of our villagers and had bad experience earlier,” said Kinzang Minjur, Jaray Gup.

The road was supposed to be complete by June this year. However, due to rugged terrain, the construction was completed only by this month.

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