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A brawl over gypsum load

Sep 28, 2012

An argument broke out between angry truck drivers in Pemagatshel when one group of truckers accused the other group for taking away gypsum load without following proper procedure.

On Wednesday, the truck drivers, who had already waited for three days to load gypsum, stopped the truck that loaded gypsum without even registering for a token. A heated argument broke out thereafter. “It is not fair when we have to wait days but some get to load their trucks the minute they come in,” said some of the truckers BBS spoke it.

However, the Druk Satair Corporation, who monitors the gypsum supply said, the truck was issued an office order to be allowed to load and transport gypsum without registering for a token.

The Pemagatshel police officials also visited the site to check upon the situation. After the Dzongkhag Officer in-command spoke to the company’s CEO, it was decided that the office order will not be valid any more.

But the truck drivers said that the company keeps changing its rules and regulations, which hampers the businesses of the gypsum transporters.


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    “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than us”. Gorge Orwell (1984) animal farm. But we are not animals; we are humans in the kingdom of Bhutan guided by the principles of happiness.

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