Taba’s informal khuru playground creates waste nuisance


Informal khuru playgrounds in and around Thimphu are becoming a site for unmanaged waste generation. Chirkhangna in Taba, where most khuru enthusiasts gather to play during holidays is filled with waste left behind by players and spectators alike. The area with nine khuru ranges is littered with plastics, juice packs, cartoons, and PET bottles.

Unlike archery, there are no designated grounds in Thimphu for khuru enthusiasts to indulge in their favourite sport.

According to Thimphu Thromde Thuemi, Ugyen, waste generated from such playgrounds is a challenge. However, he said the Thromde cannot disallow people from playing the traditional sport. “If every individual take care of their own responsibilities, the issue can be addressed.”

Similarly, the community living around Chirkhangna is concerned about the increasing waste in their community.

A resident, Rinchen Dorji said, “in Taba, below the road, there is a lot of waste. Not only here, when we go to other places, we could see a lot of waste like diapers.”

People say lack of a designated places to play khuru is contributing to the waste issue. They added neither players nor people catering food to such events take responsibility for their own waste.

A khuru enthusiast, Jamyang Tenzin said, “whether it is the player or caterers, who ever brings, the waste is left here. If caterers could take their own waste, it would be helpful.”

Another enthusiast, Tashi Wangchuk, blamed the waste issue to lack of designated playgrounds.

Whether designating separate khuru playgrounds will solve the waste issue is yet to be seen. The problem right now is that individuals are not taking care of their own waste.

Karma Wangdi

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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