Health ministry to roll out COVID vaccines for children aged between 6 months and 5 years

The health ministry is planning to roll out the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for children aged between six months and five years. However, the vaccine will be administered only to children with chronic medical conditions. According to the ministry, they came to this decision following consultation with the health experts.

About 800 children aged six months to five years have underlying medical conditions. This is according to the health ministry.

“We have not received many numbers of children between six months and five years with chronic medical conditions. Before we start with the vaccination for this group, we would like to again request parents to register with us if their children have Chronic medical conditions. Chronic medical conditions do not mean sicknesses like the common cold and diarrhoea but children who have been sick for more than six months,” said Tashi Dawa, Deputy Chief Programme Officer of the health ministry.

He added that although the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, vaccinating this group of children is crucial.

“Vaccines for children are important because they are small and have weak immunity. Our country is small and has less population. We also have a low birth rate so it is important for us to protect our children. We should not let our children fall sick,” added Tashi Dawa.

The health ministry has ordered Pfizer pediatric vaccines worth about Nu 6.9 M.

The vaccines will be purchased in a phased manner after finalizing the number of children who needs to be vaccinated. Officials said this is to minimize the wastage of the vaccines.

About three thousand doses of pediatric vaccines would be purchased in the first phase.

Kinley Dem

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