Seven ECCD centres without facilitators in Trashi Yangtse

To address the shortage of ECCD facilitators, a group of parents in Trashi Yangtse town have stepped forward to contribute salary to the facilitator and operate the centre beginning next month. The arrangement is expected to fill the gap until the education ministry comes up with a solution.

The renovation of the Yangtse Phendey ECCD centre was completed a few months ago. But in the absence of a facilitator, around seventy children have been deprived of learning opportunities.

As a result, parents resort to electronic gadgets to keep their children engaged.

“I have noticed that a child learns better in the centre. Teaching my child at home is a difficult task as I have no educational background. It’s even difficult for educated parents to teach their children at home as they never listen to their parents. But it’s different at the centre where facilitators guide them properly,” said Chorten Lhamo, one of the parents.

“Without the ECCD facility here, both working parents and those working in the fields are confronted with challenges. Moreover, it’s difficult getting a babysitter. And for the farmers, if they choose to remain back home looking after the kids, they will have to miss out on working in the fields. So, it’s a huge problem,” said Dawa Zangmo, another parent.

“I have noticed that there more benefits in enrolling children at the ECCD centre. But without a facilitator at the centre here, my child is left out. And I am worried if my kid will be able to transition to the higher levels without the basic skills,” said Ngidup Zangmo, a parent.

Meanwhile, according to the Dzongkhag Education office, they had requested the education ministry expressing the need for ECCD facilitators. But they were told that the education ministry and RCSC are studying the need for ECCD and its facilitators in the country.

Tashi Yangtse has 27 ECCD centres, of which seven remain closed due to a lack of facilitators.

Sonam Darjay, Trashi Yangtse

Edited by Sonam Pem

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