Poor parking space irks residents in Samtse town

The poor condition of parking spaces in Samtse town is increasingly getting annoying for anyone visiting the town area. The parking area today is filled with puddles causing numerous inconveniences to the motorists. And with no proper parking management and policy in the town area, things only get worse.

Ever since the major facelift of the town began in 2013, the area has been serving as a parking space for residents. It has remained in a poor condition, especially during the monsoon.

With only gravel used instead of concrete or asphalt, the condition of the parking area with time has only deteriorated.

“With an increasing number of vehicles entering the town, numerous potholes and puddles have been formed. Moreover, the rain is making the matter worse,” said Tandin Gyeltshen, a resident.

“It would be very helpful if we can get our parking area paved soon,” said Naresh Siwa, another resident.

And with no specific parking rules in the town area, motorists can be seen parking their cars everywhere without any worries.

“People don’t follow any traffic rules as they park their cars wherever they wish. As such, there are cars everywhere. At times, it becomes very difficult to enter and exit the parking area,” said Tandin Gyeltshen.

The Samtse Dzongkhag administration however informed that, as per its town planning, the present parking area will be turned into a recreational park.

“We will have a separate parking area which is located on the way towards the town. From there, people will only have to walk for about five minutes to reach the town,” said Pasang Dorji, Samtse Dzongda.

He added that the town planning works are underway.

As of today, most of the building construction works are complete. Only construction of a park, an open-air theatre, Chorten, a one-lane parking area, service duct, and drainage work remain now.

About Nu 10 M is estimated for the remaining works.

Passang Dorji, Samtse

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