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Breast feeding mothers excused on Pedestrian Day

Aug 28, 2012

All breast feeding working mothers can now work from home on the Pedestrian Day. As per the circular issued by the cabinet secretariat on August 24, all government organizations must make special arrangements using ICT facilities for the breast feeding mothers to submit their one day stay home work proposals to be approved by their respective supervisors.

The circular also states the decision has been taken by the government as per the infant and young child policy 2009.The policy states that to promote, protect and support breast feeding it is the will of the royal government that all children be exclusively breast-fed for the first six months and to continue breast-feeding till the child attains two years of age.


6 Comments for “Breast feeding mothers excused on Pedestrian Day”

  1. tashi

    Ha Ha what a proposal …. What about the once like receptionist, Tea girl and the messengers … Will they also work from Home ….

    I don’t know where this kind of ideas come up from ….

  2. choki

    isn’t this a joke?

  3. choki

    What about schools?

  4. If it is true, u calculate, 4 Tuesdays in a month are Brest feeding day, in a year 48 days off from work place. What about lady teachers? will it not affect the quality of education of our children?
    like wise, what about the Lady Doctors, & Nurse’s? will they use ICT facilities to treat their patient?


  5. Carma

    Did you all read today’s Kuensel issue. Labour Minister is saying everybody deserve the same privileges after some private employees complained. He is saying one in the Cabinet and saying another thing outside to save his face. isn’t that ridiculous.

    He precisely said, “Appreciating the initiative, labour minister Dorji Wangdi however said that everyone must be treated the same irrespective of the nature of employment”. This particular issued must have already in his brain but could not say or confront in the cabinet.

  6. Fuentshook

    What about other organisations! it means that infant and young child policy 2009 is only for the civil servants and not for the whole country. else the children of private corporate employees are not bhutanese? It seems Govt. itself starts descrminating against woman and child.

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