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Esports- the future of sports

Sep 26, 2021

Almost everyone owns a smartphone today in the country, and some spend most of their time playing games online. While many consider it a waste of time and money, there is a group that thinks otherwise. They believe online gaming is the future of sports. Taking it a step further, they have formed an official group, calling it  ‘Mobile Gaming Community’. The group aspires to recruit and help train skilled gamers to take part in international tournaments.

Clash of Clans, PUBG and Mobile Legends are some of the most played games in the country. These young men met online while playing these games about two years ago and became friends ever since. Today, the ‘Mobile Gaming Community’ group is hosting local tournaments to mark the best in the game.

According to the founder of the gaming community, Tandin Wangdi, such tournaments will provide an opportunity to the gamers and take them to the international level. “We are trying to let people know how they can earn from gaming. It is like creating jobs. We are hoping and planning to recruit five members. And then we will sponsor them to participate in international tournaments,” he said.

He went on to add that the ultimate goal is to raise the bar and take Bhutan at Esports or Electronic-Sports, the world’s biggest online gaming showground.

“We are studying the gamers. If Esports and other international gaming platforms recognize Bhutan, we will get a chance to compete in international tournaments. For us to get recognized by Esports, we need to focus on one particular game and we need to have a good reputation in the country. So that is why we are preparing towards organizing a National Mobile Legends tournament this coming winter,” he added.

With the Championship around the corner, the group hopes to discover new talents.

Meanwhile, a veteran gamer and an acclaimed Mobile Legends gamer, Phuntsho Zangpo, says Esports will dominate all other sports and emerge as the main sport in future.

“No matter how much investments are made into physical and other sports today, Esports will originate and grow in the future. So, if we do not invest in Esports right now, we will have to do it in the future and at that time, it will be late. I think we will be able to earn more in Esports compared to other sports. If Esports is prioritized today, it might also solve youth unemployment issues in the future,” he said.

A general belief among the Bhutanese that ‘there is no future in sports’ has always held us back in harnessing our potentials in sports. These young people are trying to put Bhutan on the gaming map; however, they fear that such belief will hold back some talented people from helping them achieve this goal.

Tshering Dendup

Edited by Sonam

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