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Paro FC and Thimphu City FC neck and neck in tense title race

Sep 16, 2021

The BoB Bhutan Premier League title race leaves no breathing space as Paro FC trail Thimphu City FC only on goal difference with just two matches remaining for the season to wrap up. While these two teams will meet for one last time, which is expected to decide the title, the third-placed Transport United FC will be a major threat to Thimphu City FC’s hope. 

Thimphu City FC and Paro FC have 41 points each in the last 16 matches with the former leading the table with a goal difference of 19 goals.

However, with just two matches remaining, Paro FC has a slight advantage as they will take on a relegated team, Gelephu FC while Thimphu City will face Transport United FC who are third on the league table before the two giants take on each other.

The head coach of Paro FC, Puspalal Sharma, said the match between Transport United FC and Thimphu City FC will have a huge impact on how the title race will proceed.

“If Thimphu City win, then we are going to go for the final match where it will be a must-win for us. However, if Thimphu City draws or loses to Transport United, with just a draw with Thimphu City in the final match, we will win the title. At the moment, we are just looking at grabbing the 3 points so that we can go for the title contention in the finals,” he added.

Meanwhile, Thimphu City FC are looking to seize the three points from Transport United FC to gain an advantage in the finals. If they do, a draw with Paro FC will be enough to win the title.

“We try to focus on our own games, try to rectify mistakes but Transport FC, they have been performing very well lately. So, it will be a very intense game on Saturday and hopefully, we can get the 3 points and put some pressure back on Paro FC. The title will be decided on the final day,” said Karma Shedrup, a defender of Thimphu City FC.

He added that it will not be an easy task to defend their title. However, he said there still is an advantage. “If we perform well on Saturday, I think it will make it easier to win the title on the 2nd October in Paro”.

According to the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF), in case of a level point, the goal difference will be the tiebreaker.

“It will be a goal difference and after that, we will be looking at head-to-head competitions. The last game will decide the title,” said Phuntsho Wangdi, the Head of Commercial and Communication at the BFF.

As for Transport United FC with 37 points, they will have to win against High-Quality United FC and Thimphu City to earn a maximum of 43 points. If they are to win the title, Paro FC and Thimphu City will have to lose a game each and their showdown will have to end in a draw.

The winner and runners-up will receive a cash prize of Nu 2 M and Nu 800,000 respectively. The final match between Paro FC and the defending champions, Thimphu City FC will be played at the Woochu Sports Arena in Paro next month.

Meanwhile, Gelephu FC faced Paro Rinpung FC at the Changlimithang national stadium today. Gelephu FC wasted their chance to record the second win of the season by conceding a late own goal. They had the lead early on in the first half but could not hold on to it to take away all three points. It was 1-1 at the final whistle.

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