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Alcohol related diseases, no different for Damphu hospital

Jul 31, 2012

Alcohol has been identified as one of the leading causes of diseases and death in the country. Figures show that Tsirang district is not behind any other districts in the country. If one visits Damphu hospital, there will be at least one patient suffering from alcohol related diseases.

Nidup, 53, from Mendelgang picked up the habit of drinking when he was just 12.  He was admitted in the hospital last month in critical condition. And today he says no to alcohol, at least for now.

“I’ll never drink now. Today, even some of my friends force me to drink alcohol but I refuse even to sit with them and talk. Even the smell of alcohol gives me headache.”

Nidup battled for his life in the hospital but he is completely recovered and now able to help his family.

“Whenever he used to get money he went to a bar for a drink. But now he stopped completely and he does all the household chores. He is now helpful,” says Wangmo, Nidup’s sister.

This year, 30 patients were referred at Damphu hospital. Five of them died of liver diseases. The health officials say drinking culture is strong and is the main reasons why people are so used to drinking.

“There are other factors outside the hospital which can contribute to treatment of alcohol related disorders. Number one is individual commitment and will. Number two- family and community support,” said Dr. Tejnath Nepal, Senior Medical Officer.

“If you have family who brew alcohol in home and brew regularly and if you have community who force people to drink alcohol then it becomes difficult for these people to stop drinking alcohol, so they re-start drinking alcohol after going back from the hospital. Number three- is called social network called alcoholic anonymous.”

According to Annual Health Bulletin-2011, between 2006 and 2010, alcohol liver diseases caused over 900 deaths in the country. Health officials say the health sector spends huge amount of public fund on alcohol related cases.

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