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Tingtibi town in need of major maintenance, Zhemgang

Sep 15, 2021

The infrastructure in Tingtibi town in Zhemgang is in need of major maintenance. Residents said the town is covered in bushes with rusted streetlight poles and a poor drainage system. And it has been almost two decades since the town underwent some maintenance.

Residents are worried that the rusted streetlight poles in the middle of the town might collapse anytime causing injury to people or damages to properties. Yet no one is carrying out maintenance at the site.

“The streetlight poles are rusted and it might collapse and hit people. But I don’t know who should repair those,” said Jangchub Dorji, a resident.

“For those of us who own a house, we clean the surroundings. However, other areas are covered in bushes. I don’t know who is responsible to address such an issue,” said Dorji, another resident.

However, the dzongkhag municipal officials said the office will soon carry out some maintenance works.

“We planned to carry out the maintenance works. But there was budget constraint due to the pandemic. However, this time we kept budget for the maintenance like replacing the rusted poles,” said Tsewang Dorji, the Municipal In-Charge.

The initial development of a town was carried out in 2002 with support from the World Bank. The town, which is some 35 kilometres away from Zhemgang towards Gelegphu, has more than 80 plots today.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Tshering Zam

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