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Bathpalathang airport shares similar fate

Pema Lhaden, Thimphu
Jul 16, 2012

A month after Drukair suspended flight operations to Yongphula domestic airport in Trashigang, same fate has befallen Bathpalathang domestic airport. Drukair canceled its flight operations to Bathpalathang domestic airport from the beginning of this month.

The flights were suspended on the recommendation of the Safety and Quality Department after they discovered several cracks that have developed on the runway and gravels surfaced on the top.

According to the department, the cracks and pebbles may cause tyre puncture and damage hydraulic pipe of the aircraft while landing. Hydraulic pipe is used to transport fuel and air to aero engines.

The General Manager of Drukair’s domestic flight, Namgay Wangchuk, said flight operations to Bumthang and Trashigang will resume after the runways are renovated.

Meanwhile, the Department of Civil Aviation has already floated tenders to the interested bidders to carry out maintenance works on the runways of both the airports.

The domestic airports were launched for flight operations in December last year.

4 Comments for “Bathpalathang airport shares similar fate”

  1. yangzom

    This is the quality of our construction and contractor in Bhutan. It is shame that this kind of corruption happening in GNH country. I think MOIC’ secretary and minister are only good in talking using their language..

    • pempa

      I am quite ashamed to see that the newly constructed airport is facing problem.. How comes it is not fit to ply the planes..that signifies that Officials responsible for constructing it is corrupted…may be put 50% in his/her pocket…Please come on….be positive and make it better place to live..rather than inviting the problems..in sake of People..and keeping in mind that we are doing for the people and our parents…

  2. Chand ram

    It looks like a pure case of corruption which needs to be investigated thoroughly .
    In one of the local paper it came out the clear reasons for the substandard quality of the airfields
    It mentioned about lack of professional,lack of fund and above all the rush to complete it before time by the MOIC minister has led to all these problems.
    In Bhutan accountability is a word found only in dictionary and be it the recent disaster of Wanguephodrang dzong fire or the poor quality of govt infrastructure, there is no sign of fixing accountability.I guess it is because we are artificially though,claim to be a GNH country.
    GNH for the rich at the cost of public exchequer .
    These airfields were never a priority for the people of bhutan and yet it was rushed into like an emergency situation.These funds could have been used to protect the ancient dzongs and basic infrastructure in the villages.
    God please save the country and may the government have better wisdom for the people.

  3. The blame should be on poor planning/design/poor workmanship and above all one man rushing to complete things to gain political benefits.

    What is ACC or RAA doing…it deserves a probe.


    ema datshi

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