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Right to Information enactment fails to garner enough support

Jun 28, 2012

Gasa NC MP, Sangay Khandu

The Right to Information enactment to be discussed during the 10th Session of the Parliament as an Urgent Bill has been shelved after the move garnered just nine votes in the National Council yesterday. Eight members abstained from voting and six voted ‘No’.

Gasa’s National Council member, Sangay Khandu, had moved the motion with two recommendations, calling the attention of the government to conduct RTI awareness not just in the capital and among the literate but also take it to the rural areas.  The other recommendation was to discuss RTI as an Urgent Bill during the 10th session of the parliament.

“The Right to Information in Bhutan is a fundamental right as enshrined in the Constitution of Bhutan to enhance good governance under GNH and of zero tolerance towards corruption,” he said.

But some of the members said given the importance of the law, the policy makers should not act in haste. They said they should come up with comprehensive law which should be the outcome of thorough deliberations.

After much discussion, the National Council could only pass the first recommendation, that the awareness on RTI should be inclusive.

1 Comment for “Right to Information enactment fails to garner enough support”

  1. yangzom

    I dont know what this policy makers are into, Sangay is right, RTI is our fundamental right, we have every right to know how much old ministers are corrupted and how they select secretaries and send their kids abroad to study…

    I still think RTI is impt and I full support sangay on this. I think we all should support him. this is the time, we can make a difference when somebody from policy making body is up for it,, if we dont support now, it might die in vain never to return to see the day light.

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