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Cautious approach to the relaxations, Paro

Jan 17, 2021

After 26 days of lockdown and without a single case from the community for a fortnight, the lockdown is eased in Paro starting today. However, only a few people came out from their homes today. And they are all cautious.

Donning a face mask, 53-year-old Sonam Choden from Paro town is out from her home after nearly a month of lockdown. Breathing in some fresh air and beating the freezing cold with the warm winter sun, she said she is happy to come out and is mindful of this deadly virus.

“We are excited about the news of lockdown relaxations. We can come out and refresh ourselves. But I think we have to be mindful and adhere to health protocols. We know how this virus multiplies. It is a disaster to us while others will be affected including the government,” she shared.

Except for authorised vehicles moving around the town on the first day of the relaxations, there is not much traffic in Paro. Few people on the street are all maintaining distance.

“I mostly read books and play at home during the lockdown. Now as the lockdown is relaxed I came to town to help my sister with the shopping. But we are practising social distancing and wearing facemask while coming out,” said Thukten Wangchuk Dorji, in Paro Throm.

And the few people who came out from their homes share their joys after the lockdown is eased. They said they can now resume with their normal routine.

Normally we wake up early and go for walk to keep us fit. During the lockdown, we don’t have much to do at home and we can’t even do exercise but now I am happy I can go for walk early morning,” said Sonam Pem, from Khangkhu in Paro.

“Actually, it is convenient when there is no lockdown or movement restriction so that we can do our chores anytime. But we should know it is important to comply with the protocols which are for our sake only,” added Tashi, from Paro Throm.

And for farmers like Choden in Khangkhu, the lockdown relaxations is timely since it’s time for her to attend to her kitchen garden.

“I was worried about chilli and potato planting times being delayed but today the Desuups told us we can work in our gardens so I am much obliged. Earlier we were not allowed to even visit the gardens but I am happy I can now plant my chilli seeds and potato on time,” she said.

Previously marked as red zones, Shaba, Loong-nyi Gewog office periphery and Khangkhu school periphery will be changed to yellow zones. These places reported positive cases from the community earlier.

The district first detected its positive case from the community on 22nd December 2020 from Shaba and Khangkhu.

Meanwhile, far-flung gewogs such as Naja, Dogar, Doteng and Tsento are considered as COVID free or green zone. These places witnessed similar relaxations as the 18 Dzongkhags.

Namgay Wangchuk

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