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Additional workforce to expedite transshipment at MDP, Nganglam

Jan 13, 2021

The Mini Dry Port (MDP) in Nganglam of Pema Gatshel has been running short of workers for some time now impeding the orange export. The export could not be made on time. However, now with the increase in the number of labourers, export is expected to pick up the pace.

Every day around 15 to 20 boleros of oranges are exported through Nganglam MDP. However, there were only five loaders until a few days ago. The MDP suffered labour storage whereby loading and unloading works were hampered.

Pema Drakpa, a farmer from Dechhenling Gewog said, “due to the shortage of labour in the MDP, most of the Indian vehicles had to go back empty.”

“We have to keep the oranges for almost three days in the MDP. Then after sending it to India, we start receiving complains about the product,” said another farmer, Namkha Dorji.

Orange export from Pema Gatshel began last month and it will last for another one and half month. Besides the orange transhipment, the workers also transship other goods. And now with an addition of six more workers, the farmers and exporters are happy with the progress of the work.

“Now we have 11 workers. And the work progress is better and faster,” said Namkha Dorji.

The loaders earn around Nu 1,500 to 2,500 for loading a bolero.

The MDP was operational since last month to facilitate smooth imports and exports of essentials during the pandemic. The Eastern COVID-19 Coordination Office and Nganglam Dungkhag Administration constructed the port as an interim measure. It serves as the first layer containment area for imported goods for most of the eastern districts.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel 

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