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4 students of YHSS convicted

May 30, 2012

Four students of Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School have been sentenced to prison term ranging from 2 and half years to five years. The verdict was passed by the Thimphu district court today. They were involved in attacking the school’s caretaker and stealing board exam papers in November last year.

One of the convict’s sentence was reduced two and half years from five years as he is a minor. He will be staying at the rehabilitation center in Tshimasham as per the Child Care and Protection Act of Bhutan.

The second convict was sentenced to five years in prison. The third one was charged for aiding and abetting. He received four years imprisonment. The fourth convict was charged for the offence of aiding and abetting burglary. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Meanwhile, the school caretaker who was critically injured during the incident is reported to have suffered partial permanent disability. The three convicts involved in battery have been asked to pay an amount of 272,000 ngultrum as compensation.

They have 10 days to appeal to the high court.

3 Comments for “4 students of YHSS convicted”

  1. Menda

    These students deserve the harshest punishment for not only stealing exam papers but even more for unnecessarily causing grievous harm to another human being. The amount of money being compensated to the caretaker is peanuts. They should have to pay for the upkeep of the man and his family for life.

  2. yangzom

    Excellent example, similarly if teachers injured students in school, they too should be legally punished. This will satisfy me as a citizen of this GNH country.

    • Sonam

      Ms. Yangzom,
      What will be your position if students injure teachers? I do not think that any teacher will injure his or her students. Your statement is a provoking one to me!

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