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LG Amendment Bill 2020 deferred to the 5th session

Jan 17, 2020

The National Assembly deferred the Local Government Amendment Bill 2020 to the fifth session of the third parliament, today.

The Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs, Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen presented the motion to the House to defer the deliberation on the Local Government Amendment Bill 2020. The Minister stated that the Ministry need some more time before putting the Bill for deliberation in the House.

“We discussed thoroughly on the bill by forming a committee and we found out it needs some more time to work on the Bill. Then I even presented the Bill in the cabinet and the cabinet advised me to work further to benefit in the long run. Therefore, I am requesting the house to defer the LG Amendment Bill,” Lyonpo requested the House.

However, Panbang’s Member of the Parliament (MP) expressed his dissatisfaction over the deferment of the Bill. He said the Local Government Bill should be amended before the conduct of the third local government elections.

“As per the plenary session, the Bill is due for deliberation during the fourth session but now the bill got deferred to the fifth session.  I am bit confused since there is no surety for the deliberation on such important government bill. It is quite embarrassing now,” said Dorji Wangdi, the Panbang MP.

Prime Minister argued that, it is wise to take more time in amending the Bill inorder to come up with a comprehensive one.

“We thought to complete amending the LG Bill before the next local government elections. However, we felt getting delayed for one LG elections won’t have much impact. We kept little more time since the Bill demands more rectifications. If the House demands the Bill to be deliberated in the fourth session, we are ready but I have a big doubt about its outcome,” said Dr Lotay Tshering, the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Speaker finally asked the Minister to put forth the Bill in the fifth session of the third parliament for the deliberation.

Pema Tshewang/Tshering Dendup

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