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His Majesty The King Grants Audience to Scouts

Jan 13, 2020

His Majesty The King granted an Audience to the participants of the 13th Scouts Leadership Training at Tencholing, Wangduephodrang yesterday. 

63 girls and 62 boys participated in the three-week training programme, which started on 23rd December. The scouts are class 10 students selected from their various dzongkhags across Bhutan. The programme includes physical training, rescue, aid, and disaster management skills training, and lectures and classes on values, teamwork, etc.

His Majesty The King congratulated the participants for being selected and expressed appreciation that they chose to spend their vacation in the programme.

The Scouts Leadership Programme, which includes one in summer for class 12 students, was initiated as part of an overall exercise to revitalise and strengthen Scouting in Bhutan, by the Department of Youth and Sports, following Royal Command that the large number of scouts and their spirit of voluntarism, created fertile opportunity to equip and empower children to strengthen themselves and serve their communities and country.

The top 5 Class 12 Scouts who participate in the summer leadership programme are recipients of His Majesty’s Scholarships. So far, 25 students have received scholarships and are pursuing their tertiary education in various colleges overseas.

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