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Promoting tourism with Kuwait

Nov 20, 2019

With increasing Kuwaiti tourist every year in the country, Bhutan and Kuwait are working towards promoting tourism between the two countries.

Yesterday, the Kuwait Embassy in Bhutan organised an event to celebrate tourism between the two countries. This was organised coinciding with the visit of a high-level delegation from Kuwait. The delegation is also planning to sign a memorandum of understanding with Bhutan in the field of tourism.

According to the Kuwait Ambassador, Kuwaiti people are already spending a huge amount of money on tourism as they visit other countries. He said more than USD$ 9bn was spent on tourism by Kuwaiti people this year in just six months. So he said, Bhutan has the potential to reap this benefit.

The Minister of Economic Affairs at the event said tourism is an integral part of the Bhutanese economy. He also said that as Kuwaiti people visit Bhutan, Bhutanese will also try to visit Kuwait as the two countries have a different aspect of culture and tradition.

This year over 20 Kuwaiti tourists visited Bhutan compared to 8 visitors seen in 2016.

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