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Story of a physically challenged student

Apr 25, 2012

Tshering Lhamo, is a student with special need at Zangtherpo Community Primary School under Chhoekhor gewog in Bumthang is doing well. Despite her disability, the 10-year-old attends classes like any other normal children. She became physically disabled when she was seven months old.

Today, Tshering learnt to write with her feet. BBS Bumthang correspondent says Tshering listens attentively and carefully to her teacher in the class. After the lesson, Tshering takes the notes using her feet. Tshering Lhamo said she enjoys the company of other children like to be in the school. According to the teachers she is good in studies and they do not face difficulty while teaching or communicating with her.

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Since Tshering Lhamo is disabled, her parents were hesitant to admit her to school. It was the school’s principal who admitted her to the school last year. “When I saw her, she showed me some writings and wrote some alphabets with her leg, said the school principal Karma Tshering.

I asked her if she is willing to go to school. She said yes. I told her parents to bring her the next day” added the principal. Zangtherpo community primary school opened in 1998. has 281 students and 9 teachers.

5 Comments for “Story of a physically challenged student”

  1. Khaws

    Very nice keep it up Tshering Lhamo, we all love your talent.

  2. Kuzoo Kid

    We would all do well to learn from Tshering’s example. If she can do it, then none of us have any excuses. I would love for the BBS to do a feature piece on her. Thank you for this story.

  3. U.S. Special Education Advisory Committee to Bhutan

    Dear Tshering, We are so excited to see your wonderful work and excitement to be in school, as well as the school’s dedication to educating all!
    So glad BBS aired this to help continue to spread awareness. All the best!! Kim

  4. Tashi Dorji

    nice spirit. but i think there is mistake in the very first sentence. it is uncomfortable to read.

  5. Tshering Dorji

    Kudos to the principal/head teacher Karma Tshering and the teachers of the school for being so accepting. Bhutan needs more dedicated teachers like you.

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