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Environment Friendly Road Construction- how far is it being implemented?

Apr 23, 2012

Environment friendly road construction technique was introduced in the Kingdom in 1999. Yet, after over a decade, implementers find it difficult to put into practice for several reasons. This was revealed at a sensitisation workshop on environment friendly construction techniques in Thimphu.

Inexperienced engineers, steep slopes, spillage are some of the difficulties faced. The Director General of Roads pointed out that the damage to environment has been substantially minimised today, compared to traditional construction methods in the past.

Sangay Tenzing however said, environment friendly techniques do not completely solve the problems in a situation like Bhutan. Spillage, he said is the main cause of damage, which account for as high as 60 percent depending on the site condition.

The workshop also pointed out the need for a common understanding between policy makers and implementing agencies. Environment friendly construction technique is not a total solution for eliminating the damage to environment, said the Director General of Roads. The workshop also saw presentation on climate change and its relation to poverty.

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  1. thinley

    There is no need for EFRC if we follow basic minimum road standards for mountain landscape and conmtractors and engineers do not skim of the money. If construction methods follow basic standards to ensure proper planning, management of waste, and quality control there is no need for EFRC methods “during construction”.

    The environment impact is from the existence of the road, not so much as the construction method. All the old highways have recovered from the construction damage from decades ago. The real impact comes from opening new areas for extraction of resources (wood, sand, stone, poachers etc), traffic pollution, new people moving into the community or leaving the community, new development coming in because of the road etc.

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