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Solving traffic congestion along the Norzin Lam

Sep 11, 2019

After the Thimphu Tshechu, the thromde will do away with the parking spaces along Norzin Lam. This was planned to do so after the completion of two multi-storied parking in the city. The initiative is aimed to reduce growing traffic congestion every year.

The two multi-storied parking, one near the Thromde office and the other near Zangdopelri shopping complex are now almost complete. Only a few works such as the construction of toilets and elevators inside the building are yet to be done. The car parks have been opened to the public about a month ago.

As per the plan of the thromde, parking spaces along the Norzin Lam are to be lifted after allocating parking spaces in the two buildings. People will then be allowed to park their cars only for about 5 minutes with the emergency signals commonly known as ‘parking lights’ on.

“Norzin Lam is different from any other roads because it’s the place where a lot of people gather. With the development and increasing number of constructions and people, the open spaces are decreasing. So we want to make this area as a place with less number of vehicles and more of people,” said Kinlay Dorjee, the Thimphu Thrompon.

However, not many people are using the two car parks.

“It has been over a month since the parking has been opened to the public. And for now, few people are using it. Maybe most are unaware of it and people also say that they hesitate to drive their car inside a building,” the Thrompon added.

He said it is likely to take some time to make people use the two car parks. He added, Norzin Lam will be closed during Thimphu Dromchoe and right after that spaces along the road will be lifted. Today there are over 200 parking spaces along the road.

Thimphu Thromde is expected to earn a revenue of more than Nu 7 M annually from the two car parks.

Kinley Dem

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  1. Pema Gyeltshen

    Its not that they( divers) are unawar with the parking, its about parking fee.
    At Norzin lam its only 15Nu.for 30min. And in a building its 15Nu. for 15min.
    I think this is reason.

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