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Teacher beaten up by a parent

Apr 12, 2012

A non-national school teacher of Pelkhil High School in Thimphu was beaten-up by a parent of a student. Medical reports say the teacher has suffered injuries around the eyes and has broken a tooth.  The parent is an expatriate UNICEF official working in the capital.

The incident took place during school hour when the teacher was on duty. According to sources, the teacher had smacked the student twice on the back during a class session, after he was displeased over a comment made by the student. The student then walked out of the class and went home to inform his parent about the incident.

Later, the father of the student, walked in and pulled the teacher out of the classroom, and beat him up.

The school principal said, apart from the physical injuries, the teacher was mentally traumatized after the incident. He said the incident was a discouragement to all the teachers.

He added the parent should have informed the school authorities before taking the matter into his hand.  The father of the student refused to comment.

Police are investigating the case.

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  1. Pema

    The police must without equivocation charge the UNICEF guy on assault case and detain him in custody.

    • Dechen Tshomo

      This is really disheartening for the teaching fraternity. And to add irony on the act, an official working for UNICEF, who is suppose to protect mankind from all these humiliations have acted heartlessly. It is a food for thought . I am confident that the concern agencies would bring in justice to this inhuman act and social brutality.

  2. Kezang D

    This should be written in the world history of teaching profession so that people would think twice if not thrice before they join teaching. And the most interesting part of it is that the history in written in a country where schools are GNH based, replacing many old ways of schooling.

    Like those of Ministers and others, do we see a need of personal bodyguards for teachers? It seems necessary though needless. This is the saddest news ever broadcast in the realm of education. The parent must be assessed for the presence of some serious psycho-pathological disorders before law treats him as a criminal. But for sure, this was a serious crime.

  3. skg

    Lets wait and see?
    There must be justice to the techers.
    If not, Union of Teachers should be formed.

  4. Netra

    Ver sad incident and a disturbing one at that. When the whole country is slowly growing up to live with the ideals of GNH based society we have such incidents happening inside the courtyard of learning. What the teacher did to trigger this incident could have been avoided and what the UNICEF expat who is supposed to be well versed with Child rights and responsibilities did is nothing short of broad day light hooliganism and must be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws. Otherwise our schools will not be safe and so will our children. Let us not lose hope with this single isolated incident happening in the capital of the nation.

  5. kelzang

    This is outrageous! The man just “walked in and pulled the teacher out” of the classroom and after all this the “police are investigating”.Investigating what? The humiliation of that poor teacher? I don’t understand. What is happening???

  6. i lik it….guy showed very grateful respect and examples to other citizens as he is expertise and Bhutanese too….dats how we human becomes animal with education and knowledge. very shameful incidence ya….matter should be taken seriously. laws are made not to guide human bt to make sure of humans animals nature…..

  7. defoz

    Ministry of Education should talk to UNICEF and made this go away from Bhutan. His rowdy child might have poked fun at teachers as he/she had done in native country.

    The child and parent must have taken culture and respect owed to teacher in this country.

    Act as Roman while they are in Rome

  8. drukpa

    I am really disturbed emotionally by the news. No fault of the teacher should be counted here. The parent is a serious criminal. This is one evidence which shows the attitude bhutanese big shots. I don’t know why school authority is no charging the parent for tress passing or so. SORRY is NOT ENOUGH…NEVER ENOUGH. The parent must be punished. Law seems weak for the influential lots and strong for the poor.
    Why isn’t the identity of the parent revealed here? WHY? WHY?

    I would urge the teachers cross the country and the world to wake up.

  9. The news of teacher beaten up is already in the air, yet there is no news on the whereabout of the parent. Is he under police custody? or still joining office without any guilt? Is he proud for being hero, doing a thing that no body in the history of Bhutan has ever dare to do?
    why is police silent? why is official in the MoE silent? is it because media people did not approach Lyonpo & Aum Secretary? we insist Media to collect views from stake holders in the Ministry? ask if this is what ministry was looking for in the schools? is this the faith of a teacher?
    we understand that teacher was at fault for smacking a child but there are ways to deal the case. obviously not by pulling a teacher from the class and manhandling him/her.
    What is principal & teachers in the Paykhil looking forward to?
    There is justice. if the criminal is not taught the lesson, next day this will happen rampantly in all other schools.

  10. tharpa

    Awhoooo…. what sort of expatriate are we having in Bhutan. Actually they are ones who lead and show examples. We don’t need such expatriate and please through him out of the country immediately.

  11. tharpa

    I mean to say to send him out of the country with bad record.

  12. Lopon Tashi

    “Strict Rules on entry of any visitors in school premisses during school hours must be framed” in order to project our respected Teachers and beloved students. Where is the discipline of our society in a place that our so called FUTURE LEADERS are being taught. We are so angry to such incidents happening in school premisses and in classes. We think this is not a place to have such things happen. Is there any safety place we find now.

  13. Report the case to the Indian Embassy. Let him fight the case on behalf of the victim.

  14. Tyson

    Well during our days of school, teachers were treated as a second parent who are always there to guide us in there own ways, who educates and leads us to the world of human society. I do understand that the father was concern about his son, but the fact reminds- the step or way father has handle the situation is not call for( at least for the person who works at UNICEF).

    I understand that as father, he is the man of the house and should provide a shield for his family but this act is not the ways to show that he is in charge. As a son we always look at our dad as a hero, we live to be like him.So Dear father please clean up your act, for your children are looking up to you.

    For the teacher please instead of beating, next time try talking to them next time. Father has the fault but you too are not innocent.

  15. It is very sad to hear or to see that in our news paper! what a sad thing that to did by educated people what type of selection done by UNICEF such a barbarian employed in UNICEF office…this man should be terminated from the service and he should have to pay all the medical bills. Ministry of education should also involve in this case for the safety of foreign teachers that too in thimphu

  16. yescam

    What a news to read? Teachers should do something. UNICEF guy should pay for what he did? The school administration really need to look into such matters.

  17. Shacha Dorji

    I don’t know why these things are happening in Bhutan. it very necessary to do something if thing should go well in near future

  18. Dorji

    This is really sad story to hear and the teacher should have informed to embassy office and called imtart army to beat both the parent and student brutally. So much of help are rendered by Indian government and this is really disgusting when such kind of incident occurs to them.

  19. The guy had no right to lift his hand on the teacher. This expatriates think they are high and mighty. They come into someone else’s country and beat the locals up. I think its high time we stop catering to them. They are in our land, our country, and they have to respect our culture and our laws.

    Charge him and lock him up. We should really take a strong stance to this, otherwise, it will set a dangerous precedent for other expatriates. We shouldn’t tolerate this.

  20. kinley

    Every one is shocked to hear such a brutal and inhuman act against our teachers. Our teachers are not safe any more. Our teachers are bullied, humiliated, and even beaten. Who will protect our teachers. No one guys. Therefore, you must stand and fight yourself against such injustice.

    Teachers work selflessly in shaping and moulding the future citizen of this country. But see the result. It is complete brutality. At this hour of needs you are not supported by anyone. No one will be there for you. Instead people will readily blame the teachers It is time to think what our parents wanted out of us. May be our parents want teachers to go to the classroom, teach and come back. Just become a teaching machine, do your duty. Do you all the parents want teachers to do this. Yes, why not?? we can do this too if you all wish.
    But we cannot afford to spoil the life of our children. Irrespective of caste, creed, colour, all are our children. Parents, teachers and all of must work together to educate our children so that he/she becomes productive, useful, loyal, selfless, dedicated citizen of this country. Today it happened with that teacher..we never know tomorrow might be our turn…
    Dear teachers, …it is time to work without heart.

  21. arjun gurung

    The guy is sick from psychological disorder.He needs a psychiatrist more, than a cop.Disgusting for somebody who is educated.If education and learning makes a man more human and refined,then he has defeated the whole purpose of education.

  22. son

    i think that uneducated parent should be punished and

  23. Angelina

    What the matter is, the parent should talk with the head of the School (Principal), before taking action. We should know that teachers are like our second parents, we have to respect them… same like we do to our Parents. If we listen whatever to our children talks with us.. Without knowing the reason, we parents should not take the action directly.

  24. Tashi

    I should say that UNICEF should not retain that person anymore. I hope UNICEF has its way of dealing with such psycopathic employee in their organisation.

  25. Lhamo

    But why didn’t that teacher fought back…. could have done duel … and other students could have help their teacher and give a nice public beating… after all police will only say they are investigating…

  26. Lekpo

    In olden days, both the students and parents used to respect our teachers. But at present days, neither of them do so. So we feel that it is not so a good change. Actually we needed a good change to benefit all but not a behaviorial change which harms all.

    All of us must learn to control our ANGERS AND BAD TEMPERS to curb such incidents.

  27. Tp

    nice to read – lets see what law of the kingdom of bhutan do.

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