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2 policemen killed, 17 injured

Apr 8, 2012

Two policemen died on the spot and 17 others injured in an accident this afternoon in the capital. The incident took place when the DCM truck they were travelling veered-off the road. They were on their way to battle a forest fire raging above Yangchenphug.

More than 20 policemen were in the RBP DCM truck when the incident took place. The DCM went-off the rough road while trying to reverse at a turning.

The doctor on duty told BBS that two policemen are in critical condition and others as of now are reported to be in stable condition.

According to a source, the cause of the incident could have been due to a brake failure. Meanwhile, BBS tried to confirm with RSTA but none of the officials were available for the confirmation. The case is under investigation.

Meanwhile, there are also rumours that the forest fire this afternoon could have been caused by three couples who threw the cigarette butt.

Forestry officials, De-suups, armed force personnel and local people are still battling the fire. The fire started at around 1:20 this afternoon. Forestry officials are yet to establish the extent of damage caused.

3 Comments for “2 policemen killed, 17 injured”

  1. John

    Because of the brake failure? Bhutanese police gets this kind of trucks? What about the driver/

  2. A. Nonomous

    There are very few actual instances of “brake failure.” Rather, the fault typically lies with those who fail to uphold their responsibility to maintain the brakes. Such maintenance is imperative when one is entrusted with so many precious lives. Failure to do so is unconscionable.

  3. Jackal

    If fire was caused by Cigarette butt; Smoking is not injurious only to health but also to the environment. We think we must know how to smoke in a proper manner to avoid such hazards and blames. And help others protect our forests and fellow people.

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