People of Doongmanma in Trashigang want an ECCD centre in their Chiwog

The people of Doongmanma in Lumang Gewog of Trashigang say there is a need for an Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centre in their chiwog.

At present, without one, most parents say they have to take their children with them while they work in the fields.

They said an ECCD centre in their chiwog will not only benefit them but their children will also be able to learn new things. There are about 19 children in the village.

“If we have such centre it will not only benefit us but also help in our children’s early development,” Kinley Pema, one of the villagers, said.

“Right now, it is inconvenient as we have to take our children in fields with us. If there is an ECCD centre, it will be helpful,” Jigme Choden, another villager, said.

Meanwhile, the Dzongkhag educational officials said they have already proposed for an ECCD in the locality. If approved, the chiwog is expected to get a centre either by mid of this year or next year.

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