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13 handicraft products awarded Seal of Quality

Phub Gyem, Thimphu
May 21, 2019

Recognising the potential they have in generating employment and foreign exchange, 13 handicraft products were awarded SEAL of Quality certificates by the economic affairs ministry today.

Brass door-knob to hand-woven clutches, handbags, shawls, paintings and pillow covers were selected from 18 products. 12 judges which include both local and international experts in crafts selected these products SEAL of quality certificates.

The award winners will get incentives such as promotional support and marketing assistance from the Department of Trade. They were also awarded cash prizes along with the certificates.

“Despite having the skills and knowledge, people back in the village do not know what to do with such products. They have no idea where to sell. So such programme is helping us get a good market for our products,”¬†Tshewang Penjor, a supplier, said.

“We do not have many buyers here in the country. So we target international markets for which we need this certificate. Even if we cannot make it to SEAL of Excellence, SEAL of quality is a mark of authenticity,” Deki, a Handicraft Owner, said.

For those who haven’t won the certificate the department will help build capacity to further develop and improve their products.

The programme is being held once every two years. It is aimed at establishing a quality standard for handicraft products and enhance the creativity and innovations of artisans and producers while preserving age-old traditional craft skills and knowledge.

The programme is conducted with fund from the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) project. EIF is a multilateral partnership dedicated to assisting LDCs to use trade as an engine for growth, sustainable development, and poverty reduction.

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