Stick to the rule or get demolished: Thimphu Thromde

The Thimphu Thromde has demolished an additional floor constructed on top of an attic in Changzamtog this morning. The house owner had converted it into an apartment, which is illegal. The demolition was carried out after the Thromde office issued several notifications to the house owner.

This is the fourth demolition carried out by the Thimphu Thromde in a year.  The Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee, said the demolition was carried out after the owner did not abide by the rules and regulations and the architectural design.

“We had been monitoring very effectively and trying to control what has been happening in the field and this was detected long time back by our inspectors and they had been informed and notified and they failed to listen to us. We issued a final notice and in fact we have issued three notices saying that if you don’t listen, city will dismantle,” said Kinlay Dorjee.

“Initially when we approved the drawing and handed over, we signed an agreement whereby it is clearly stated that you cannot deviate from what is being approved and this is a clear deviation from the drawings,” he added.

The Thrompon said that a vigilant team is inspecting all the on-going construction sites. And if the owners do not abide by the rules then it will be demolished.

For those who already constructed the additional floor on the attic before the present Thrompon took over, the Thromde Office is imposing monetary penalties. So far, two house owners were fined. The maximum penalty imposed was more than Nu. 700,000. Meanwhile BBS could not contact the house owner.

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