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125 HR Officers gather in Thimphu

Mar 29, 2012

The Royal Civil Service Commission, RCSC, is organising its first Annual Human Resource Conference in Thimphu. Over 125 Human Resource Officers from the 20 Dzongkhags and various ministries are attending the four-day Conference, which began today.

The theme of the annual Human Resource conference is “Managing Civil Service in Democratic Bhutan”.

In the keynote address, Her Royal Highness the Princess, Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck, commended the civil servants for their outstanding performance and achievements and serving the country with loyalty and dedication

“They may not have been educated and exposed to the larger world as we are today. But, they knew it was their duty to see a plan through to end. They would truly dedicated loyal and discipline in understanding. They have clear vision what they wanted for the country,” said Her Royal Highness.

The Chairperson of RCSC, Thinley Gyamtsho, said article 26 of the Constitution is devoted exclusively to the civil service system in the country. This, he said, will help to succeed in a young democratic country. “As we all aware of the Parliament of Bhutan has now completed the enactment of the Civil Service Act of Bhutan 2010. We believe that all Constitutional process is now fully completed,” said the Chairman.

The Chairman said that the four-day conference we will go through the provisions of Civil Service Act of Bhutan 2010.

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  1. Men

    It is good news but I wonder why the HR officials of the Thromdes are not included.

  2. Thinley

    If i’m not mistaken i guess HRs from all ministries, agencies and Dongkhags are here….

  3. of course they are present but i doubt whether they will speak or not for the welfare of the lower levels of civil servants.

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