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More fake notes recovered

Mar 29, 2012

(Counterfeit Notes Update) Sixty six more counterfeit notes were recovered by the police in Tsirang recently after two men were arrested for possessing Nu. 1000 fake notes from Dagana last week. The fake notes were found below the road, near Sunkosh town.

The labourers of the Department of Roads, who found the fake notes, reported to the police. The two suspects confessed to have thrown the money.

So far police have recovered 89 fake notes, including one from a Bank. The suspects have not yet confessed the total amount of the fake notes they brought in.

The Police have forwarded the case to the court on 22nd of this month.

3 Comments for “More fake notes recovered”

  1. tamang

    Those suspects should be punished like hell. They should be made to confess that how much fake notes were brought in by any means including physical torture. This people are really cheap.

  2. Karma

    through my opinion, i think those people who are dealing with these illegal works should be penalised
    equally like tobacco rules or terms…….

  3. metallica

    fake notes!!!! man this country is going through some serious now…firstly where do these stuffs come from..??…and where ever these come or go it sure isn’t going to be pretty..i can understand that people need note, well who doesn’t, but with more number of fake notes the more cheaper one gets..and ultimately takes the country nowhere but only one direction…Down..\m/..

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