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Money stolen from Thai workers at the construction site

Mar 28, 2012

A sum of about US$ 18,000, along with Baht 17,000 was stolen from the on-going construction site of the walking Buddha statue in Thimphu. The incident took place in the first week of March.

This was the second case of theft reported from the site. The first one took place on March 3, where about Nu. 100,000 were stolen from the site.

The Co-ordinator of the construction project said the second incident took place when all the workers were around the statue, chanting evening prayer. She said, she had just returned from Thailand with the money.

According to the Abbot of Thailand, although a huge amount of money had been lost, there won’t be any delay in the completion of the statue.

The Co-ordinator added that the Abbot personally took initiatives to arrange for the money. “The abbot personally looked for some donors and also he borrowed it from one of his devotees. The abbot has to pay back,” said the Co-ordinator, Prapavadee Sameruongs.

In the meantime, the case is registered with the police. The 45-feet tall statue of a walking Buddha is the first of its kind in the country.

5 Comments for “Money stolen from Thai workers at the construction site”

  1. ugyen phuntsho

    shame on bhutan, a GNH based country… rofl..

  2. Gaylhong

    “Wolves in sheep’s clothings” is very dangerous. May be the wolves came in sheep’s clothing. So Ugyen Phuntsho, do not blame the name of country. But the people’s character deserves it.

    So also lets not judge the people by its beautiful or handsome figures.

  3. tamang

    its really shame on us. Those Thai people came here to help us, and now they are the victim of theft. Our country is losing its dignity.
    Police should investigate and find out the culprit as soon as possible and those low level theft should be severely punished.

  4. tharpa

    Unless we solve employment problems or come out with an alternative measure, the problem is bound to exit. All things are respectful and important but filling up one’s stomach is most important. I think RGOB must look at Japanese government to help unemployed people at least with monthly essential subsidy.

    I think the Abbot of Thailand also get some donation from Bhutanese after all merit is accumulated for all.

  5. mimi-hele-hele

    Once bitten-twice shy! First time okay but not second time….Why so much cash in hand? No banks in Bhutan? Did a Bhutanese steal the money?*?!? If yes, BIG SHAME for the Bhutanese and we/law enforcers need to do something.

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