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Dungsam Polymers inaugurated

Mar 27, 2012

Picture Courtesy: Drugay Rana, DCCL

The Dungsam Polymers Limited, a DHI owned company, was opened yesterday. It is the second and the largest polymers company in the country. It was established primarily to produce cement packing bags for the Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited, which is yet to be completed. The company has a capacity to produce 100,000 bags in a day on an average.

Picture Courtesy: Drugay Rana, DCCL

The Project Manager, Lungpa Tandin, said they will also be selling their products in the Indian market. Apart from cement packing bags, it will produce bags for packaging animal feed, rice, onion and potatoes.

Dungsam Polymers Limited has 93 employees, all nationals. The company will be recruiting another 29 people. The Project Manager said the finishing department has been outsourced. The department will be recruiting 50 employees of which majority will be Bhutanese. Construction of the factory began in March last year and completed in November.

The company was inaugurated by the Health Minister, Zangley Dukpa.

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  1. yangsel

    I wonder where the location of the factory could be! It sounds somewhere in the east.

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