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12th FYP, annual budget top agenda of upcoming National Council session

Phub Gyem, Thimphu
Dec 31, 2018

The 12th Five Year Plan and Annual Budget 2018-2019 are high on agenda for the 22nd session of the National Council, which begins on Wednesday.

The session will also see deliberations on social issues that need immediate attention.

At a press conference today, the National Council’s Deputy Chairperson Jigme Wangchuk shared that the 22nd session will begin with deliberations on the follow-up resolutions of the last session.

The house, during the last session, recommended the government to allocate adequate budget and human resource for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

The house has also formed committees to study social issues that need immediate attention, such as youth unemployment and harmful use of alcohol in the country.

A special committee and the Good Governance Committee will present the interim reports on the issues to the house for deliberation during the 22nd session.

“The most important issues that need to be solved are alcohol and its impact on the community. Secondly, the unemployment issue. A lot of our youths go for technical and vocational education training but most of the times there is a mismatch between their skills and the vacancies. So, that’s why right now we realized that these two topics need urgent resolutions,” the Deputy Chairperson said.

In the joint-sitting of the parliament, the members will deliberate and pass the 12th Five Year Plan and the 2018-2019 budget.

The joint-sitting will also see deliberations on the Annual Audit Report 2017.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will present the review report of the Annual Audit Report 2010-2016.

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