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Monks undergoing tailoring training for better livelihood

As they attend the three-month-long tailoring training, the monks are sewing their robes. The said learning just the monastic disciplines and etiquettes is not enough to sustain lives.

National Museum in Paro sees fewer visitors

Going by the records with the museum, only about 2,000 Bhutanese visited the museum last year. According to the officials, they were expecting some 3,000 visitors every month.

Local leaders in Monggar want relevant agencies to re-conduct feasibility study for Pongchula airport

The report of the feasibility study conducted by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the National Land Commission states that Pongchula is not feasible to develop as an airport as the field length of only 920 meters is not even enough to operate the smallest aircraft.

Nearly 40 farmers register for livestock insurance scheme in Zhemgang

Cattle depredation by wild predators, especially tigers, has been a pressing issue in Nangkor Gewog for decades. It has caused a significant loss of economy to the farmers of Tseldang, Kikhar and Dhuenmang villages.
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