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His Majesty The King and His Holiness the Je Khenpo receive the Kudung of late Je Thrizur in Punakha

His Majesty The King and His Holiness the Je Khenpo received the Kudung of His Holiness the Late 68th Je Khenpo, Jetsun Tenzin Doendrup today in Punakha. Many receive blessings along the way as it was ushered to the Punakha dzong in a grand entourage from Tango Dordena in Thimphu.

Towards making savings culture a habit amongst Bhutanese

Ninety-six years after the establishment of ‘World Savings Day’ during the first International Savings Bank Congress in Milan in 1924, Bhutan celebrated the day for the first time today. Celebrating the day, the Respect Educate Nurture Empower Women (RENEW) Microfinance Private Limited today focused on making savings culture a habit amongst Bhutanese.

Postal voters living overseas worried that their ballots may not make it on time, Chhoekhor_Tang bye-election

Voters of Chhoekhor_Tang constituency living overseas, particularly in Australia, are worried that their postal ballots may not make it on time for the on-going bye-election. 133 individuals spread across fifteen foreign countries registered for postal voting out of which almost a hundred of them are in Australia.

Potato export resumes

Following the inclusion of potato in the export list some two weeks ago, exporters in Phuentshogling have now started with the export of the cash crop. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India announced the import of potato from Bhutan without a license until January next year.

A book on the lore and tales of Ap Chungdue hits the market

Call it a hoax or miracle, Bhutan has many tales about spirits and deities. The Ap Chungdue in Haa is an example of one such spirit. But aside from the district’s locals, little do people in other districts know about this powerful and most worshipped deity. However, books as the best weapon, the tales and lore of Ap Chungdue has hit the market.

Skyrocketing onion price blamed on exorbitant transportation cost

Most Bhutanese have grown used to having onion in their diets, and the soaring price is not deterring them from buying it. In Samtse town, a kilogram of onion is now sold at Nu 150. While consumers bear the brunt, vegetable vendors say exorbitant transportation cost have their hands tied.     

HRH Princess Eeuphelma Choden Wangchuck marries Dasho Thinlay Norbu

Her Royal Highness Princess Eeuphelma Choden Wangchuck married Dasho Thinlay Norbu in a Royal Wedding ceremony yesterday.

His Holiness the Je Khenpo launches ‘Our Gyenkhu’ initiative

With no vaccine or treatment globally, COVID-19 is here to stay for a long time. And to remind the general public of their responsibilities in mitigating the risk, His Holiness the Je Khenpo launched “Our Gyenkhu” initiative today at the Tashichhodzong in presence of the Health Minister, and senior officials from the ministry.

GDP grew by over 2 percent in 2019 compared to 2018

Bhutan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by over 2 per cent last year as compared to 2018. However, economic growth is expected to plunge into negative in 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. GDP is the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country over a year.

Biodiversity conservation outside the protected areas and enhance the livelihood of those living in it

To assist Bhutan in ensuring its biodiversity conservation outside the protected areas and enhance the livelihood of those living in it, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Bhutan and Tarayana Foundation launched the Living Landscapes Project in the capital yesterday. The project worth €10 M will be implemented in nine districts covering south-western parts of the country.

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