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Bhutan receives excise duty refund of over Nu 2.9 B

Bhutan received excise duty refund of over Nu 2.9 B; an increase of almost a billion Ngultrum compared to 2014, from the Indian government. Excise Duty is a percentage tax levied on manufacture, sale, or use of locally produced goods.

MoIC seeks clarification on civil servants operating taxis

Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) is seeking clarification from the Royal Civil Service Commission on whether civil servants should be allowed to operate taxis.

Over 3,000 households extremely poor, finds a survey

Based on the socio-economic survey, the government has identified some 3,154 households in the country as the poorest.

Few villagers of Samdrup Jongkhar still into marijuana smuggling

A few villagers of Lauri and Serthig Gewogs under Samdrup Jongkhar still practice age-old illegal trade of marijuana smuggling.

Thimphu police save two from drowning

Thimphu police saved two people from drowning within a span of two days.

Man dies after a friend hacks him

A man in his late forties died after his friend allegedly hacked the victim’s left leg. The incident took place in Pangkabla under Kangpara Gewog in Trashigang, Saturday. The suspect and victim were herding cattle when a brawl broke out between the two over grazing area.

Two more bodies retrieved

(Update): Two more bodies of those who went missing after a bailey suspension bridge in Samtse collapsed were found yesterday.

Suicide deaths outnumbers combined deaths of Malaria and HIV

The number of suicide deaths outnumbers the combined deaths of Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis. From 2009 to 2013, 361 lives were lost to suicide as against 246 to Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis. It means, on an average, there are seven suicide deaths a month.

Bhutan has high prevalence of Hepatitis

Bhutan has high prevalence of Hepatitis compared to the growing number of HIV/AIDS. The prevalence of Hepatitis B is 3 percent in the country while HIV prevalence is just 0.1 percent.

Bhutan to save Nu 103 M upon completion of Bhutan Biogas Project

Upon the completion of Bhutan Biogas Project by the end of this year, Bhutan will save Nu 103 M, annually. Bhutan Biogas Project has set up about 3,000 biogas plants so far and 600 more will be set up by this year.

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