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Sustainable Land Management practices effective in Wangphu

The people of Wangphu Gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar say that sustainable land management practices have benefitted them. It has helped in effectively utilising about 300 acres of vulnerable land, while at the same time increasing the production of cash crops.  

Bhutan drafts National Biodiversity Monitoring Protocol to monitor its wild biodiversity

Bhutan now has a draft National Biodiversity Monitoring Protocol in place to monitor its wild biodiversity. The Biodiversity Monitoring Protocol basically is a guide or manual that outlines tools and methods to gather crucial information about plant and animal species, such as species diversity, habitat, threats and distribution patterns, among others. The development of the protocol is a first attempt to put in place a proper national-level biodiversity monitoring system in place.

Her Majesty’s birthday marked with cleaning campaigns

To commemorate the 29th Birthday of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, volunteers across Thimphu city participated in mass cleaning campaigns. A total of 6.4 metric tons of garbage were collected during the campaign, held from 9 am- 12 noon.

Bhutan to have a scientific data repository to study climate change

For the first time Bhutan will have scientific data to study climate change and its impacts on plants and animals in the next five years. The Himalayan mountain eco-system is constantly under threats of negative impacts of climate change. Researchers believe that Bhutan’s eco-system must be manifesting the changes through various phenomenon. But there has not been any study carried in this respect owing to a lack of data.

Consultative meeting held to understand HKH assessment report

To better understand the recently published Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) Assessment Report, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), held a consultative meeting for Bhutan with relevant decision makers recently. It calls for actions on the recommendations and interventions made in the report.

Plastic packaged offerings not allowed

From the 2nd of June this year, signboards disallowing plastic packaged offerings will come up across temples and monasteries in Thimphu.  The initiative is taken by Thimphu thromde in collaboration with monks and lamas from various monasteries.

Indian Pitta spotted in Samtse

With the record of Indian Pitta, Bhutan now has 744 bird species. The new bird species was spotted by one of the senior forest rangers, Tashi Tshering at Sukreti in Samtse on May 19.

Bhutan host to over 11,000 species of biodiversity

Bhutan is a host to more than 11,000 species of biodiversity as per the Biodiversity statistics of Bhutan released yesterday. The figure accounts for 0.8 per cent of the total biodiversity recorded for the world. There are 1.4 million species of biodiversity listed in the world to date.

iSherig-2 Launched

To harness the potential and benefit of Information and Communication Technology in teaching and learning process, the Education Ministry launched its second ICT Master Plan called iSherig-2 today.

A Deserted Park of Bangtsho, Samdrup Jongkhar

After converting their community forest into Rehabilitation Park in 2016 to earn some income, villagers of Bangtsho chiwog in Dewathang Gewog were left wondering why tourists are not visiting their park. Villagers haven’t earned any income from the park so far.

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