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BoB unveils ‘Chharo- an e-wallet app’ to boost cashless economy

In line with the national goal to encourage a cashless economy and promote financial inclusion, the Bank of Bhutan (BoB) launched mobile app Chharo today. Chharo is an e-wallet app that will provide a marketplace model and advance e-commerce in the country.

Safer Internet Day in Bhutan: ensuring children, youth stay safe online

Gone are the days when internet access is limited to a few devices, especially the Laptop computers. In the present-day scenario, the evolution of gadgets such as smart phones and tablets have made virtual world more familiar to children and youth in the country.

Lack of awareness-key challenge in conserving wetlands

Despite their significant natural, spiritual, and social values, wetlands in Bhutan do not get due concern and attention for its management and sustainable conservation. Lack of awareness among people still remains the biggest challenge in conserving and protecting wetlands in the country.

RMA to increase vehicle loan ceiling for electric cars to 50%

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) will increase the vehicle loan ceiling to 50 per cent for the electric taxis. The existing vehicle loan ceiling is 30 per cent. The ceiling has been increased to help replace nearly 4,000 fossil fueled taxis with electric cars in the country.

Research finds Phrumseingla Park hasn’t implemented much of management plan

About 20-30 per cent of the management plan for Phrumseingla National Park has been implemented during the period of eight years (2008-15). This has been reflected in the research findings of the case study done by one of the forest officials from Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation of Environmental Research in Bumthang.

Reducing emissions from motor vehicles

Transport sector is a major greenhouse gas contributor in Bhutan. The National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS) wants to change this.

Govt. plans to introduce low emission urban transport system

Given the increased fossil fuel dependency in the transport sector in the country, the government has identified to implement low emission urban transport system within the next three years.

Conservationists reiterate conserving tiger species

Poaching, habitat loss and prey depletion are the three main threats to the survival of endangered tigers around the world. Though tigers in Bhutan are safe from such global threats, human-wildlife conflict is one of the major factors that jeopardise their lives.

Happy Chips doing its bit towards waste management

Bhutan imports hundreds of varieties of chips. And it is popular among the people from all walks of life. But people are least bothered about the waste that it generates. The chips are packaged in plastics which take years to decompose. However, Happy Chips, alocal chip manufacturing firm does something to take care of their waste. 

Trongsa starts to segregate waste at source

Trongsa District has begun segregating wastes at source starting this month.

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